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Materials Management Solutions

Solutions to improve your supply Chain

Effective Materials Management in the supply chain

Ensure Effective Controls

Ensuring materials are in the right place at the right time is essential to making sure that you can service your customers’ requirements. Actum can assist your organisation by using our extensive knowledge and insights in functionality and application, to ensure the integrity of your inventory assets .  We can tailor a solution for your business by:

  • Reviewing your organisations current Inventory Strategy and recommending solutions to improve its effectiveness.

  • Developing, scoping and documenting Inventory Management processes across your Supply Chain to ensure user effectiveness.

  • Establishing Material Master Data Integrity by defining parameters and guidelines to access, conventions and structure.

  • Establishing inventory benchmarks to quantify improvement opportunities.

  • Reviewing inventory records for accuracy and recommend improvements such as cycle count implementation.

  • Improving your teams’ competencies in Inventory Control by providing training and mentoring.

  • Evaluating your current IT solutions and recommending improvements for better utilisation.

  • Reviewing material flows in and out of your facilities.

  • Establish your slow moving and dead stock protocols.

Managing inventory is not always simple but at Actum our primary goal is to provide practical solutions that you can understand and implement.  We will ensure that controls are aligned to your business model, flexible and can respond to new situations effectively. 

Improve and Optimise

Balancing customer needs, whilst minimising your inventory carrying costs and maximising your return on investment are the ultimate goals of an effective materials management strategy.  High inventory levels and long lead times tie up capital, increase process costs, and reduce the flexibility of the supply chain. Maintaining a high service level is often impossible when inventories are poorly managed. 

Some of the challenges organisations face in optimising inventory to best meet customer needs arise from conflicting objectives from internal departments, and difficulty in accurately predicting supply and demand because of:

  • Poor supplier performance 

  • Unreliable sales forecasting and

  • Unpredictable economic conditions.

  • Actum Solutions can optimise your inventories along the entire supply chain by 

  • analysing critical paths in manufacturing and supply.  

This will highlight specific areas of improvement to reduce inventory, these can include:

  • Revision of material parameters such as lead times, safety stocks, lot sizes.

  • Understanding your market and service level expectations including sales planning and order management.

  • Optimised procurement processes that focus on whats best for your business and overall cost.

  • Definition of targets and benchmarks to monitor performance improvements.

  • Integration of planning and scheduling and reviewing the optimal methods required to meet your needs​

Our goal will be to identify dynamic solutions that you can make your own and increase the potential of your working capital.

Improve and Optimise
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