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Quality Management Systems

Quality Management solutions for your business

ISO9001:2015 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems- Requirements, and it is the accepted standard for an organisation to demonstrate that it can consistently meet:

  1. Customer Requirements

  2. Product / Service Requirements

  3. Statutory/Regulatory Requirements

  4. The organisations requirements.


By adopting the standard you are committing to show you can meet the above requirements with a documented management system.  The standard is aiming to get you to identify everything that is critical to you, your business and most importantly, your customers, and making sure you have a method to deliver on these critical items.

‘Hit by a Bus’ test - As a business owner, Leader or prominent manager, if you were suddenly unable to attend to your business (i.e. you were hit by a bus) could the business continue without you?  By formalising your systems, you have a documented method for undertaking the critical functions in your business that hopefully others can follow.

Quality Management System?

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