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  • Ksenia Wagensveld

Dead workers remembered

Image from 2016 Memorial courtesy of ABC News

After yet another sobering ANZAC day where we remember those who lost their lives in Military conflicts, it's a good time to remember all those who we commemorate were at work. These were people that joined the military knowing full well the risk to their life, and they are brave and selfless for this.

For those that go to work, not expecting conflict, and not expecting to lose their life there is another commemoration. A National Day of mourning for those that have lost their lives at Work.

Shane Webcke Qld Safety Ambassador

Shane Webcke will be in attendance, and I have seen him before deliver a talk about what it is like to lose a parent to a workplace accident. It is sobering and heartfelt, and difficult to not shed a tear. It reminds me of why we do this job. One of the most vilified roles in the modern workplace, being a safety professional truly is about helping organisations to realise the importance of sending everybody home safe.

Attend a workers memorial.

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