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Asbestos in the Home - Part 2

Asbestos Fibres cause a significant risk when disturbed

As a follow-up to my recent post about Asbestos and home renovators, I'd like to share this really simple guide published by Australian Department of Health. Some quick things to think about... Asbestos risks arise when the fibres are disturbed and become airborne. They become disturbed when the materials break down or is broken, cut, sanded, drilled etc. So you can generally control the risk by keeping the fibres suppressed by- coating the material, wetting the materials, wrapping the materials..and protecting yourself from inhaling the fibres with a P2 level dust mask, and disposable clothing.

There are strict guidelines about how you dispose of the asbestos containing materials. Have a good look through this guide, it's really easy to understand, and gives very practical advice.

Have fun home renovators.

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