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Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Management systems solutions for your business

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) are the cornerstone of methodical and effective management of work health and safety.  An effective OHSMS provides a  systematic, proactive framework for managing OHS risks and opportunities.  Having a structured approach to safety management will complement

and support good management, operational and human practices.  There are three main reasons  for adopting a safety management system into your business:​

  1. Ethical: There is a moral obligation for an employer to ensure the health and safety of workers and others who can be affected by their activities

  2. Legal: There are legislative requirements defined in every state on how safety should be managed in the workplace and how this is to be achieved. OHSMS assist business to comply with these legal requirements.

  3. Financial: Effective safety management (which is the reduction of risk in the workplace) can reduce the financial exposure of an organisation by reducing direct and indirect costs associated with accident and incidents.

An effective Workplace Health and Safety Management System should have a positive commercial effect, as well as helping to protect your employees.  By putting in place reasonable steps to keep employees, contractors and customers safe, companies are operating within appropriate legal and ethical expectations.  You will also find that there are commercial benefits in terms of improved reputation, greater efficiency, lower sickness and lower staff turnover to name a few. With some businesses it can also help meet pre-selection criteria with larger vendors.

Why a Safety Management System?

Safety Management Systems
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