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Actum will share our success stories.  As our client's confidentiality is very important to us, we won't be sharing our Projects online, until our clients are happy to share them.

From Zero
to Hero

Actum were very excited recently to be able to build a new Quality Management system for a service provider in the utilities industry.
This small business needed solutions fast to be able to get ISO9001 accreditation quickly and increase their business even more to be able to go for those elusive government contracts.
Within a couple of short months Actum had developed all of their core management systems documents, plus a few more, educated their staff in the continuous improvement framework and helped the business establish meaningful objectives.
Certification audits were completed and they are now fully certified.

Distribution Business Mentor

Managing OHS professionals and Managers to Produce better outcomes for Business

Actum are currently involved with a distribution and retail business with a checkered history with WHS.


Knowing that they weren't quite performing the way they wanted to be.  They had a major staff re-shuffle and engaged Actum to mentore their relatively inexpereinced WHS Manager.


Actum started with an internal audit, partnered with the company's WHS manager to discover their existing strengths and weaknesses.  This has been a great training tool for the new manager, who has since provided her management team with:

  • Long range WHS improvement strategies,

  • New framework for WHS risk management,

  • Improved reporting in WHS,

  • Data analysis on existing performance.

There is an obvious improvement already in her WHS knowledge and management with support one day per week for only a couple of months.

Ongoing Support

Supply Chain mentoring and training to improve performance and profitability
Occupational Health and Safety Training and Mentoring to ensure Workplace Safety

Actum is currently working with several organisations on a regular basis providing ongoing support with activities such as:

  • Internal Quality Audits,

  • Quality reporting,

  • Risk Assessments,

  • Regular inspections, and 

  • Document revision.

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